Texas Expungement Attorneys

Expungement is a civil lawsuit in which a person’s criminal record can be effectively “erased” by the court. Following a successful expungement petition, all records of the petitioners arrest and any subsequent prosecution are destroyed. The petitioner can then legally answer “No” if they are ever asked if they have been arrested or charged with a crime.

Clearing your name through expungement can have a significant effect on your future with regard to the educational and professional opportunities available to you. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we understand how high the stakes are for our clients. We are experienced in handling all types of expunction cases, and offer clients efficient, personalized legal service.

Should You Have Your Record Expunged?

If you have been arrested for a crime, but were not subsequently charged, you should seek expunction. If you were charged, but the charges against you were dismissed due to lack of probable cause, insufficient evidence or unavailable witnesses, you should seek expunction. If you completed a deferred prosecution or pre-trial diversion, you should seek expunction. If you were found not guilty by a judge or jury, you should seek expunction. If you were placed on a deferred adjudication for a Class C misdemeanor, you should seek expunction. If you plead guilty to a Class C alcohol crime, you should seek expunction.

At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we believe that all those who are eligible to have their records expunged should do so. The benefits of filing for expungement far outweigh the costs. Having your record expunged closes the door on an unfortunate incident in your life and allows you to move forward in a positive direction. You don’t have to let one mistake ruin the trajectory of your future.

If you believe you may qualify for expungement, contact us right away to discuss your case. Time is of the essence when it comes to expungements. Our firm offers free initial consultations and free background checks. Don’t wait to get started restoring your name and your future.