Austin Texas Expungement Attorneys

A lot of people ask, "Can I afford an Expungement?" Given the huge benefits of filing for expungement, the better question is, "Can I afford not to get an expungement?" The Austin attorneys at Phil Meyer, PLLC understand how important an expungement can be to the course of your life. We work closely with qualified clients to help them through the expungement process and ensure they have the opportunity to clear their names.

Invest in Your Future by Filing for Expungement

When calculating how much an expungement is worth to you, you have to look at how it can benefit you over the course of your life. Having an arrest record can hold you back in numerous ways. Your criminal record may be most damaging, however, to your future job prospects. The job market is more competitive than ever, and many employers will automatically disqualify applicants with a criminal history.

Due to their arrest record, many people are stuck in low-paying jobs or cannot find a job at all. Some of these people may qualify for an expungement and not even realize it. If you do the math, you’ll quickly discover that over the course of a 30 or 40-year career, one youthful indiscretion can cost you millions in lost wages and missed promotions.

By obtaining an expungement, you effectively wipe your slate clean. Your arrest records are destroyed and no one can access them or use them against you in the future. You are free to pursue your career as if your past arrest never happened. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, this is our goal for our clients. Our Austin attorneys want you to be able to move forward from your past mistakes without having to carry consequences of those mistakes into your future.

If you are interested in an expungement in Austin or anywhere throughout Texas, contact us to schedule a free consultation and background check to see if you qualify.