Texas Expungement Law Firm

Having a criminal record is like wearing invisible shackles. While most people can’t see it, it still holds you back. The only way to truly remove those shackles is through Expungement. Expungement allows you to clear your criminal record permanently so that you can restore your reputation and reclaim your future. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we understand how impactful expungement can be on our clients lives. As experienced attorneys, we ensure your expungement is handled correctly from the beginning so you can clear your name as soon as possible.

How Expungement Changes Your Life

Many people who have criminal records do not fully appreciate how expunging their record can improve their lives. Here are some of the benefits expungement can offer you:

  • Better job opportunities—In an increasingly competitive job market, many employers disqualify applicants with criminal records. If your record is expunged, you can deny the arrest ever happened and it will not appear on a background check.
  • Student loan eligibility—An expungement can restore your eligibility for some student loan programs. When an application asks if you have ever been arrested, you can legally answer, "No."
  • Housing assistance eligibility—Expunging a record can make you eligible for housing assistance.
  • Professional licenses and certificates—A criminal record can prohibit individuals from getting come types of professional licenses and certificates, but an expungement restores that eligibility.
  • Remove the stigma—With an expungement, friends and family never know about your past criminal record, and you never have to fear someone will discover your history with a background check.

Not everyone qualifies for expungement, but those who do can reap a huge benefit from pursuing it. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we can answer all of your expungement questions. We handle cases throughout the State of Texas and offer free background checks and free consultations.