San Antonio Texas Expungement Attorneys

Lots of people learn hard lessons in their youth. Unfortunately, some youthful indiscretions don’t stay in the past. If you have been arrested, your criminal record will stay with you well into your future unless you do something about it. In Texas, it is possible to clear a criminal record if you qualify for expungement. The San Antonio expungement attorneys at Phil Meyer, PLLC are experienced in helping clients clear their names and their records.

The Effect of Expungement in San Antonio

Getting an arrest and subsequent prosecution expunged, or erased, from your criminal record can have a significant positive effect on your future. Individuals who have criminal records are often excluded from jobs, housing, educational institutions, professional licenses and more. Over a lifetime, this can add up to millions of dollars in lost income and other lost opportunities.

In Texas, a successful expunction orders any person or agency to destroy all records they have of your case. The District Attorney, local courts, police department, sheriff’s office, county jail and the FBI must destroy their records of your case when it is expunged. With no record of your case, it is as if you were never arrested. You can legally answer, "No," if you are ever asked if you have been arrested. The only time you must answer truthfully is if you are questioned under oath in a proceeding related to the expunged arrest.

At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we handle expungement cases in San Antonio and throughout Texas. We are experienced in handling misdemeanor expungements, felony expungements and expungements in which no charges were filed. We offer clients free background checks and a free initial consultation. If you are interested in clearing your criminal record and erasing all traces of your youthful indiscretion, contact us today.