Texas Seal Your Record Attorneys

Just because you’ve had an unfortunate brush with the law doesn’t mean you should allow it to negatively affect the rest of your future. By sealing your record, you can deny you were ever arrested and take advantage of all the opportunities that might be denied to you otherwise. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we help clients seal their records with orders of non-disclosure. We are skilled in working with all types of non-disclosure cases and offer clients personal attention and efficient legal counsel.

Sealing Your Record with an Order of Non-Disclosure

Not everyone qualifies for an Order of Non-Disclosure. In order to qualify, you must have received deferred adjudication for your case, and you must have completed the probation period and the conditions of your probation. Depending on the nature of the offense, there may be a waiting period before you can apply for an Order of Non-Disclosure. For most felonies, you must wait 3-5 years. For most misdemeanor cases there is no waiting period, but some misdemeanors require a 2-year waiting period. There are some offenses that can never be sealed. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we offer free initial consultations to answer all of your eligibility questions and discuss the specifics of your case.

Benefits of Sealing Your Record

Having an arrest on your criminal record can hold you back in life in many ways. Employers and landlords often disqualify applicants who have an arrest record. By sealing your record, you can legally answer "No" if you are ever asked if you have been arrested on an application, and your arrest will not appear on a background check. The only people who will have access to your arrest record are specified government agencies.

Many people falsely believe that the record of their arrest is automatically sealed following a completed deferred adjudication. Unfortunately that is not the case. You must petition for an Order of Non-Disclosure in order to effectively seal your record and prevent your arrest from showing up on a background check.

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